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Reliable Source of Exploration Activity

The Jakarta Scout Check has transformed to become one of the most reliable and trusted forum in Oil & Gas business in Indonesia.

JSC Regular Meeting

JSC members meet every month to share information related to their respective exploration and production at their working areas exclusively among others.

JSC Forums

We are the source of News, journalist are follows. JSC members actively share the latest issues in the closed-group private and confidential mailing list.


Jakarta Scout Check (JSC) is a professional exploration and production forum established in 1969 to promote oil and gas insdutry of Indonesia region based in Jakarta. JSC is an independent forum which supported by Ditjen MIGAS and SKK Migas.

The Jakarta Scout Check purposes are :
• Sharing certain information concerning petroleum operation activities in Indonesia.
• Sharing knowledge of technical and non-technical related with the oil and gas industries.


Be Part of Organization!


To achieve the aims and objectives of the Jakarta Scout Check, the foundation can carry out activities in the social (educational and cultural) and humanitarian fields, which include:


Sharing information related to the activities of the oil and gas industry in Indonesia as a forum for communication between operators and managers of the oil and gas business in Indonesia
Develop creative and scientific abilities related to oil and gas issues
Running other businesses that are in line with the purposes and objectives of the Foundation and do not conflict with the Law, and everything in the broadest sense of the word
Conduct research, observation, as an observer in the oil and gas industry
Organize meeting activities on participation/members
Manage the database on an ongoing basis from the results of monthly data information exchange and questions and answers between participants
Strengthening relationships and enhancing mutual understanding and good communication between participants
Seeking / collecting other facilities and infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of the foundation's goals
Organizing seminars and lectures in an effort to enlighten and educate the public in understanding the world of the oil and gas industry
Organize and organize formal and non-formal educational activities in the oil and gas sector


The following is information on last event and upcoming event related to JSC.

JSC Technical Session

JSC Technical Session

Percepatan Eksplorasi di Indonesia Bagian Barat

20 Feb 2024 pukul 10:30 s/d 13:00

Seribu Rasa Gunawarman, Jl. Gunawarman 2 no. 28 Jakarta Selatan












JSC Technical Session

JSC Technical Session

MIGAS Non Konvensional

07 Mei 2024 pukul 12:00 s/d 15:00

Dream Date, Jl. Senopati no. 10 Jakarta Selatan













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Contact The Jakarta Scout Check Secretariat

Talavera Office Park, 28th Floor
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav.22-25
Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan

(021) 2971 5986